Take your mountain bike around the plantations

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Together with local mountain bikers, the Danish Forest and Nature Agency has constructed two mountain bike routes at the Tvorup dune plantation. Bikers carried maps with them around the forest, and then marked the best routes. The routes are marked with red poles, pictograms, and arrows. One of the routes requires neither experience nor special equipment, while the other route is more demanding and offers rough challenges around the area. If you want a tour with varied degrees of difficulty you can take both routes. In late August a new route will open at the Vilsbøl dune plantation.

The routes follow small, twisting forest roads and green tracks. Biking on the routes is at your own risk, and you should pay attention to hikers and the unforeseen obstacles of nature.

Mountain bike routes in the National Park:

  • The white route at the Tvorup dune plantation is six kilometres and can be used by everyone
  • The green route at the Tvorup dune plantation is ten kilometres and for the more experienced
  • A new route will be ready in late August at the Vilsbøl dune plantation