Swing your golf club surrounded by wonderful nature

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In a beautiful clearing at the Nystrup dune plantation lies a pleasant club house in black wood. Here the North West Jutland Gulf Club started playing almost 40 years ago on the current par three training course.

Today you can walk 18 holes on a course that is reputedly one of the most beautiful and trickiest in Denmark. Here you can play a calm, laid-back game or compete at high level. And golfers truly have an amazingly handsome tour through the national park. The well-groomed, lush green grass differs from the more earth-coloured and sandy tones of the area. The course follows the area around the wooden and sandy landscape, and because the plantation is merely four kilometres from the sea, almost all the greens are encircled by mountain and sandy pine. The pine trees are seen as part of the rough, giving rise to the expression "in North West Jutland, the rough is eight metres high". In recent years, large areas of oak, beech and deciduous trees have been planted, for which reason hares, squirrels and roe deer today are also frequent guests around the golf course.