Swimming in the waves and blue flags

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Each summer the North Sea lures you to a swim in the waves. The blue flags, which are guarantees for beaches of high standards, safety and good facilities, fly at several places in the national park. The water at Klitmøller is a Mecca for surfers, where children can try the waves on a surfboard. There is a lovely smell of salt and seaweed, and although the beaches are often stoney, there are plenty of opportunities for children to enjoy a refreshing dip in the sea. And if the wind or the waves become too strong by the coast, there is a unique opportunity for bathing further inside the park in the calm, clear freshwater lakes of Nors Sø and Vandet Sø. In the old days the lakes were bays, which were cut off from the North Sea when the dry land slowly rose after the last Ice Age. Nors Sø and Vandet Sø are among the cleanest lakes in Denmark, and visibility in the crystal clear water can be up to seven metres.

Blue flag beaches in National Park, Thy:

  • Stenbjerg Strand
  • Agger Strand
  • Klitmøller