On horseback

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The National Park provides fine opportunities for fun on horseback. At several locations in the Park, you can hire Iceland horses and enjoy a wonderful ride in the soft sand on the beaches. You can ride on the beaches – though not in the period from 1 June to 31 August. The Iceland horses are special with their unique walk called tölt, meaning that other than walk, trot and gallop, you sit comfortably in the saddle even though the horse is moving its legs quickly beneath you. From the beach you can take a detour into the plantations and ride on the forest roads. Thy has several tour providers with riding in their programme. The tours range widely from short rides on the beach to long rides of several days' duration. You can be accompanied by a person with local knowledge, and children and beginners can be led around on the horses.

Good tips for riding tours:

  • The Danish Forest and Nature Agency has laid out bridleways at Hvidbjerg, Nystrup and Vandet Klitplantager
  • Link to stables hiring out horses