Life by the North Sea

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Fishing and the voyages ships have traditionally played an important role in life along the Danish west coast. Today, Hanstholm in the north is a testimony of that time. When you visit the industrial port, you can take in the air of fish and salt tingling your nose, and you can watch the characteristic blue, white and red fishing boats. When you go south from the port along the coast through the game reserve, and you can broadly follow Redningsvejen (North Sea Trail) which in the old days was used by the Life-Saving Service to save the lives of the many shipwrecked seafarers off the harsh coastline. Today, the old lifeboat station in Stenbjerg is a small museum where you can get close to one of the old lifeboats, see a rocket apparatus used for hauling people in distress ashore, and smell the old, tarred ropes. The area has proud sailing traditions, and Klitmøller used to be the centre of the barge trading with Norway. From here the ships sailed to Kristiansand with goods such as corn, meat, butter, and linen, and returned home again with holds loaded with wood, iron and stone. Vital goods that were in short supply in Thy.

Interesting places to visit:

  • The port area in Hanstholm and Hanstholm Fyr
  • Vorupør Museum, set up in an old boatyard
  • The lifeboat museum, Stenbjerg at Stenbjerg landing
  • The fishing house in Agger