Hiking through the National Park

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The very varied landscape of the west coast invites you to go on thrilling hiking trips. You walk through the wind-swept dune plantations with lakes, coniferous trees and hardy mountain pines, arriving in the moist, pleasant-smelling forest floor in the shadow of the deciduous trees and passing by numerous grave mounds from the Bronze Age. Throughout the park, nature has created beautiful look-out points from which you can enjoy the fresh air and view the enormous area. There are numerous hiking routes and endless choices.

In the northern part of the Tvorup dune plantation, which is the oldest in Thy, you will find Thagård's plantation. Today, the place is a jungle-like scrub, and here the remains of the area's first dune house tell the story of the start of the dune plantations in the early 1800s. You may also choose to hike along Redningsvejen (North Sea Trail) over the sand dunes to the sea, which was used by the residents of Thy in the old days to rescue the many sailors who stranded on the harsh coast. Or you can explore the rich animal life at Hanstholm game reserve and the birds at Agger Tange. From the top of Hanstholm Fyr in the north and Lodbjerg Fyr in the south, you can really sense the astounding grandeur of the area.

Three recommended routes:

  • The coastal route to Bøgsted Rende in the Tvorup dune plantation (about four kilometres)
  • Between Nors Sø and Vandet Sø in the Vilsbøl dune plantation (about seven kilometres)
  • From Lodbjerg Fyr at Redningsvejen (North Sea Trail) over the dune heaths and to the sea (about five kilometres)