Four roads through The National Park

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The National Park can be seen and explored on foot, by bike, from horseback or from behind the wheel. All roads through the park offer adventure, meaning that it is just a question of what you like to do. Let the Iceland pony gallop across the beach. Take a romantic spin around one of the huge lakes. Or take a walk through the dune heaths and eat wild berries.

Useful tips:

  • Visitors with a predilection for modern convenience can spend the night at a hotel, inn or camping ground, but if you are on foot or go by bike or if you are more undemanding, you can spend the night at the old lifeboat house in Lyngby or at the primitive camping grounds along the “Vestkyststien” (West Coast Path). The primitive places providing overnight accommodation all include a shelter, a campfire place and a toilet, and some places also have water facilities.
  • The Danish Forest and Nature Agency has also drawn up a number of brochures recommending good hiking and biking routes, and beautiful places to visit in the individual areas of the park. The brochures are available at tourist agencies, libraries, and at the entrance to many of the areas.