Delicacies from nature’s own food basket

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Everyone may collect wild mushrooms and berries for their own consumption in the Danish Forest and Nature Agency area, and a peaceful "hunt" through the plantations looking for titbits for dinner is a nice way to relax. 

Mushrooms can be found all year round, but it is not until June to November that the popular chanterelle and then boletuses - typically the "Carl Johan" - spring up around the dune plantations. It is a good idea to bring along a basket, a sharp knife and a brush for cleaning the mushrooms. When your basket is bulging with mushrooms you can move on further into the bog and the heathery knolls at the dune heaths in search of wild berries ripe for the plucking from the end of July to early September. In the wetland areas, you can find cranberries, and in the more dry places crowberries grow - also called blackberries, which have a bitter taste and are the same size as elderberries. Here you can also find bog whortleberries, which resemble blueberries in form and colour, but they have a milder taste. The wild berries are splendidly suited to jams and schnapps and for being kept cool for later use.

Good picking places:

The Tved dune plantation is a good mushroom locality

At the moors of Vangså and Lyngby you will discover good places for finding berries