By bike

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The unspoiled vast area of the National Park is perfect for biking. Here you can look around you from the saddle without using all your strength on the pedals. The biking route of “Vestkyststien”, which follows National Biking Route no. 1 are close to the wind-swept North Sea. It begins at Agger Færgehavn, and continues for more than 100 kilometres north past Bulbjerg. The small unpaved roads of the dune plantations are ideal for a romantic spin around one of the lakes where you can go by bike into the open landscape as well as venture out on cool trips in the moist shade of the pine trees. And the asphalted roads mean the whole family can keep their balance and cycle together. On the road, you can stop in the dune heaths where plenty of berries grow; ripe for plucking and eating from July to September. For mountain bikers, routes have been laid out in Tvorup and Vilsbøl dune plantations. Biking on these routes is at your own risk, and you should pay attention to hikers as well as the unforeseen obstacles of nature.

Good places to ride a bike:

  • The biking route of “Vestkyststien” (National Biking Route no. 1)
  • The areas around the lakes of Flade Sø, Ørum Sø and Vandet Sø
  • Special routes have been established for mountain bikers at Tvorup and Vilsbøl dune plantations
  • Remember: in the forests of the National Park you can cycle on all paths and forest roads but not on the forest floor or the sand dunes.