Busy traffic in the "airport" of the birds

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In the southernmost part of the National Park, you will find the protected nature area of Agger Tange. The salt meadows are breeding grounds for numerous water birds and are one of the most important lay-bys for migrating birds in Northern Europe. All year round flocks of birds draw large, intricate patterns in the sky.

Photo: Jesper Voldgaard Tangen has been designated a Ramsar area, meaning that it is an internationally recognised area of bird protection. Several rare species of bird live here such as dunlins, ruffs, golden plovers and black-tailed godwits, but the most common species here include large numbers of mallards, teals and widgeons. In addition flocks of coots, mute swans, wooper swans and Bewick's swans rest in the area. A pavilion is soon to be built on the most northern part of Tangen near the town of Agger, where you can sit in peace and quiet, and enjoy the bird life.

Some of the birds at Agger Tange:

  • Permanent residents: black-headed gull, common gull, cormorant, arctic tern
  • Wading birds: golden plover, lapwing, pied avocet, oystercatcher, curlew, ruff and the rare wood sandpiper
  • Migrating birds: mallard, teal, widgeon, pochard, mute swan, whooper swan, Bewick's swan