A voyage of discovery among fish and sharks

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If the Danish summer turns out to be rainy, the small aquarium North Sea Oceanarium in Nørre Voupør is a lovely place to spend a few hours. The sea and the marine animals have always played a big part in the life of the west coast, and the more than 80 species of fish swimming in the tanks at the aquarium have all been brought to land by local fishermen. Here you can explore the depth of the sea and see both common fish and the more rare species of fish of the North Sea. At children's level there is a tank where they can see small sharks and fish or hold a crab in their hand. The aquarium also has a large shark tank where you can be lucky enough to take part in the feeding. In an arched glass tunnel you will get the sense of walking on the seabed with the North Sea sharks swimming around you.

Just outside the window towards the North Sea Oceanarium lies Vorupør landing where you can see the fishermen pulling their boats ashore after a day of fishing. On the beach you can still see the lighthouses in the distance in Hanstholm and Lodbjerg, which were previously used for navigation, and the cannon which was fired as a signal for the fishermen in very foggy weather. You can also go aboard a newly-renovated fishing vessel.

Some of the residents in the North Sea Oceanarium:

  • The common species: cod, turbot, plaice, eel
  • The more rare species: red mullet, gilthead seabream, dory
  • The sharks: piked dogfish, smooth hound, starry smooth hound, greater spotted-dogfish and the tope, which can measure up to two metres