Welcome to Thy National Park - Denmark's greatest wilderness

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The west of Thy has been designated as the first Danish national park. Thy National Park stretches for an up to 12-kilometer-wide belt along the west coast of Jutland from Agger Tange to Hanstholm. It is a large and unspoiled natural area totaling 244 km2.

In the National Park you can go between outstretched, wind-swept wilds and aromatic pine trees. You can also throw yourself into the sparkling waves of the North Sea or bike through cool dune plantations.

The National Park is a coherent natural area for people, plants and animals. At Hanstholm game reserve, located in the northern part of the National Park, more than 30 different species of bird breed, and the otter has found sanctuary in the lakes of the protected area.

Agger Tange - in the southern part of the National Park - is one of Northern Europe's most important resting areas for numerous flocks of water birds. Tangen has been designated as an international bird protection area.

At the same time, the National Park is an important piece of Danish history. The area covers numerous grave mounds from the Bronze Age, and the many German bunkers along the coast are a reminder of a time when Denmark was in the frontline of an expected attack from Allied forces during the Second World War.

The harsh wind and the drift of the sand on land are visible by the abandoned farmlands which today are dune heaths or plantations. All of this is a testimony of a time not too long ago, when life on the west coast was tough on the locals.

In this exposed part of Denmark the weather and nature are constantly shifting, ranging from lashing wind by the coast, to stillness and warm in the established forest habitat. Being a coastal climate the temperatures are often mild and we get our share of sunshine.

Within the national park there are 50 km of idyllic, often isolated sandy beaches, where sunny summer days can be spent taking sun or enjoying the colorful atmosphere of the parks unique historic small fishing colonies.

The beautiful dunes and forests also offer suntraps where you can be alone, with the heavens high above, the sound of the distant waves - nature’s heartbeat. You’ll feel small under the big skies of Thy and be captivated by its grandeur and unique landscape.

Welcome to Thy National Park.

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