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A visit to the impressive hill and viewpoint known as Jernhatten (the Iron Hat) is almost compulsory if you are in the eastern part of the National Park.

Jernhatten is special because it consists of a hard material which means that the sea cannot erode it. From the top of the cliff there is a drop of 49 metres to the sea, and there is a view across to places such as Hjelm in the Kattegat.

Route suggestion:

To get the best impression of the area, you can follow the path marked which begins at the parking area. From there, the path leads to Troldeskoven (The Troll Forest), where you can see old beech trees. At several points along the path, there is a view over the Kattegat, where you can see places such as Hjelm, and in clear weather across to Zealand and the island of Samsø. If you continue northward, you will get a view over Hyllested Bjerge (hill). Further on, there is Bagskoven (forest), where it is possible to get down to the water. You can follow the beach back to the parking area.